Innovative Financing Strategies

Ideas are meaningless if you do not have the resources to make them a reality. In the early years, capital is a critical component to fuel a company’s growth by scaling up operating capacity and adding the personnel needed to expedite your company’s growth curve. For established, mature corporations, capital remains just as important as your business navigates the complexities of global operations and prepares for future challenges

FinTechfi provides the full range of capital tools and scalable solutions needed for your business to succeed at every stage of the life cycle. We understand that building a business is a journey; that is why we dedicate ourselves to building genuine, long-lasting relationships with our clients. FinTechfi evolves and grows alongside your company, providing the capital solutions needed for success – whether it is day 1 or day 1,000.

We provide innovative financing solutions in several areas:

  • Capital raising – significant network of investors that can assist from seed money to IPO, and everything in between
  • Venture debt – debt solutions that help you build value while minimizing equity dilution
  • Seamless M&A transactions – from capital planning through final steps, we help identify the best path to shareholder value
  • Capital-markets analysis – determining which strategies and business models create the most value

The Official Financier for Fintechs

FinTechfi is the official financier for fintechs, providing the full range of capital tools and scalable solutions required for your business to succeed. Our innovative and experienced team of financial professionals specializes in providing capital solutions for high-growth, disruptive companies at every stage of their life cycle. We have a long history of helping industry-changing companies like yours make their big ideas happen. Whether you need seed capital or financing for an acquisition, FinTechfi is here to help keep your company growing.

We created FinTechfi to provide the financial resources companies need to succeed in the fiercely competitive fintech arena. Whether your company is planning its go-to-market strategy or its next big acquisition, it will take financial backing to get there. FinTechfi provides its clients access to its robust network of best-in-class fund managers, investors and banking institutions that are eager to provide the financial resources needed to help your company build sustainable, long-term business growth.

FinTechfi’s value proposition is displayed through its readily accessible network of best-in-class fund managers, investors and banking institutions. Our team has cultivated deep and solid relationships with these financial industry leaders who have and continue to bring value to our clients by providing the financial resources required to fuel long-term growth of the company. We understand that, as your business grows, so will your capital needs. We take the time to create genuine, long-lasting relationships with your company to ensure you have the financing solutions needed for success, at every stage of your company’s evolution.

FinTechfi focuses on the right solutions for capital growth, business expansion, and financial complexities at all stages of your business life cycle. 

Startups and Scaleups – Revolutionary new companies can take off at a moment’s notice. Our team focuses on solutions for high-growth, disruptive companies, supporting your business development from seed capital to IPO, and everything in between.

Midsized Business – Take advantage of every opportunity with tailored solutions and global resources that will help you succeed. From improving the efficiency of your operations to funding an acquisition, we provide the capital solutions that help keep your business growing.

Large Corporations – Complex in operations and global in scale; our seasoned team and network of world-class financial professionals offer strategic advice to help grow your business and prepare for future challenges. Whether you need capital to fund growth or refinance debt, we offer the optimal capital structure to meet your short- and long-term financing needs.